Sunday, October 5, 2008

XP drivers for Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2540

Pošto sam primetio da dosta ljudi iz inostranstva dolazi na već postavljeni post u vezi instalacije XP drajvera na laptop, odlučio sam da dotični tekst postavim i na engleskom jeziku...

The first issue you are going to encounter is the mere instalation of Windows XP. All new laptops have 2.5“ SATA hard disks and the installation will not recognize it, so literally you don`t have a HD to install the system on. The easiest solution to this problem is disabling AHCI Settings in BIOS, but unfortunately this laptop doesn`t have that option. You will have to integrate SATA drivers into your XP installation using a program nLite. In this article I won`t explain how to make this, so called unattended installation, and so we are moving on. After downloading SATA drivers you will have to extract some files needed for the integration from the original .exe file. Go to Start –> All Programs -> Accesories -> Command Prompt. In this window you will have to enter the correct path to the location where downloaded SATA drivers are, for instance C:/Drivers/. Type the following in the command prompt: iata78_enu.exe –a –a –pc:\ and you will get two new folders on your C partition: drivers and drivers64. We will need the files from the drivers folder.

After we have succesfully installed Windows XP, we are going to install drivers for all other components. Here are the corresponding links:

Intel® Mobile 965GM/PM Express Chipset
KB888111 - XP patch for HD audio
Realtek audio codec
Realtek RTL8101E – network adapter
Castlenet (Motorola) ML3054 – modem
Atheros AR5007EG – wireless adapter

Now it is important to follow the exact order of installing drivers. First install the Intel chipset drivers and after that XP patch for HD audio and then you can install drivers for audio, modem, network and wireless adapter. If you have XP with Service Pack 3, you don`t have to install the HD audio patch, it`s already there.

If there are still many yellow question marks (unrecognized components) in the Device Manager you will have to manually install them. Right click on the Unknown PCI Device and choose the Update driver. Then choose PCI Device from the dialog, the right driver should pop up and you can continue with the installation. After that the question marks in the Device Manager should be replaced with the appropriate audio, network and wireless devices.

Regarding the webcam (I think it`s a Bison webcam) the Vista drivers from the official FSC site will do the trick.

There`s one more thing to do – installing the Catalyst drivers for the ATI HD2400 graphic card. Download the latest version of these drivers from the ofiicial AMD/ATI site. It is important to download desktop, not the Mobility edition of Catalyst drivers. Now you will have to modify these drivers a little bit, so your graphic card could be recognized. We will use yet another program – Mobility Modder. Before using this program you will have to install Microsoft NET 2.0 i MSXML 4.0.

Now start the installation of Catalyst drivers, and cancel it after the drivers are extracted to C:/ATI/SUPPORT folder. Now run Mobilty Modder and find the folder called 8-1_xp32_dd_57717 (the exact title of folder may vary depending of the drivers version), and then just click Modify. Wait for the modification to be completed and continue with the graphic driver installation afterwards. Another solution is to use the unofficial ATI drivers – Omega drivers. In this case you don`t have to modify the drivers.

I hope that this small tutorial will help you with the Windows XP installation on your Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2540 laptop. Enjoy and pardon my english :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful help. Thank you. But do you know where to find the XP audio drivers for Amilo 2540?

DeCoy said... should follow the "Realtek audio codec" link. That`s the XP audio driver for Pi 2540!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the instructions, everything works fine now. The high definition codec link doesn't work because the file was gone...but if you download an other HD codec from FSC it will be too! =)

Thank you again!

Cefre, from Hungary

Anonymous said...

Why can I play only maximum there something with the driver??? I have no idea! =(


DeCoy said...

You must have gotten something really wrong. HD Audio Codec link from Realtek works just fine. And you have probably messed up with display driver beacuse I can get 1280x800 on desktop. Some games does not support widescreen resolutions, maybe you have a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering the question, but I've already solved the problem with resolution. Yes, sadly not all games support 1280x800, or just widescreen. But with the video driver I could choose to fit everything to the screen, so everything works just fine.

Thank you again!=)


Anonymous said...

Merci pour ces informations.

DeCoy said...

de rien ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, you help me very much.
Thank you again.

KoGe86 said...

Thank you :) all works fine :)

Anonymous said...

can you refresh the link for the SATA drivers? this one does not work anymore :S

DeCoy said...*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng

New version of SATA drivers from Intel is available at this link.

Anonymous said...

thanks...does this one work with nLite? Coz I cant seem to get it work with it :(

Anonymous said...

thank you mister, and your english is not bad, i'm french and I can understand everithing so... I have just one think without driver. I think it will be fine with the omega driver. thanks

Brandon Hudson said...

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